Internet Access Policies:.

To fulfill its mission of providing library service to all citizens, the Lee County Library provides access to an extensive range of information, educational and recreational resources; including those available through the Internet.  The Lee County Library has established this policy to ensure responsible and appropriate use of the Internet within the library's facilities.

Rights and Responsibilities of Users.  


The Internet enables access to a wealth of valuable and reliable information from a variety of sources.l  However, it also provides access to information that may be inaccurate,  controversial and illegal, offensive to the viewer and/or inappropriate for children.  Individual users must exercise judgment in evaluating the validity and appropriateness of information retrieved via the Internet and must assume personal responsibility for its use.  The computers are equipped with filtering software and anyone attempting to bypass such filters on those that are filtered will lose library privileges.  It is also a violation of policy for a person to instruct or demonstrate to another person how to bypass this web filtering technology.  The Lee County library; cannot be held responsible for the content of any Internet site.  The use of inappropriate web sites on the computers will not b e tolerated.  Parents will be notified and privileges will be denied.  

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